The power of creation is ours: THE MOURNING show soul and prog muscle with their brand new single „He Cries“

The human system is strange in a very specific way: it is based on psychological archetypes that seem to fit together like a lock and key.

Unfortunately, however, this coding results in a paralyzing standstill: some permanently radiate their emotional status, others permanently absorb such streams and reflect them as new parts of themselves. From this we have created the idea of a superperson: What if someone could not only accept my emotional distress, but also take it from me in the process?

Someone who not only cries with the mourners, but for them, as an emotional proxy, so to speak?
The idea has remained and continues to ensure that millions of people around the world implore a divine power in the face of suffering and grievances, instead of taking matters into their own hands or persistently working on those who are at the helm.

With „He Cries“, a dark song from the upcoming album „Hush“ that flows like a black river into the ear, The Mourning turn their attention to precisely this seemingly universal human quirk. The prog-metallers around the singing philosopher Johnny Ray and his constant duet partner Eliana Blanchard achieve something that one might not initially expect from hard prog: Set into vibration by the soulful intro of keyboardist Alex Nasla (ex-Witherfall), the band opens the window to a soundscape in which the cries of despair of the world form mountains – in an acoustic beauty and harmony that is usually created more by united prayer chants, of which the song is occasionally reminiscent. And so it quickly becomes clear: The Mourning are not questioning God. They merely advocate that man-made problems should also be solved by us humans.

It’s songs like this that can encourage us a lot by showing us that we also have the power of creation: