ALL FOR METAL: Epic music video for new digitalsingle ‚Valkyries In The Sky‘ premieres!

The music video for ALL FOR METAL’s brand new digital single ‚Valkyries In The Sky‘ is now available to watch on YouTube! The song itself is another true heavy metal anthem on the road to the release of their highly anticipated new album „Gods Of Metal“, which will be released on August 23, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM).

‚Valkyries In The Sky‘ tells the story of the beautiful stormy Valkyries, the maiden sent by Odin to determine the slayers on the battlefield. The song’s powerfully warning refrain underlines the danger they pose: „Watch out! Valkyries in the sky! Watch out! They hear your battle cry!“ [„Watch out for the Valkyries in the sky, they hear your battle cry!“] With this anthem, the audience enters a world of warriors, battle and myths and breathes in the unbroken spirit of all those who fight bravely on the battlefield and are led by the Valkyries towards Valhalla. Guests for the new track include BURNING WITCHES vocalist Laura Guldemond and soloist Tim Kanoa Hansen (INDUCTION guitarist).

Singer Antonio swears in their followers: „ALL FOR METAL are better than ever and this time reinforced by Laura [BURNING WITCHES] and Tim [INDUCTION]! This joint song was overdue!“

Vocalist Tetzel enthuses: „The legendary Valkyries themselves will shake their magnificent hair to this song! ALL FOR METAL are back and there’s no end in sight – be on your guard!“

Check out the ‚Valkyries In The Sky‘ music video:

Tetzel | Gesang
Antonio Calanna | Gesang
Jasmin Pabst | Gitarre
Ursula Zanichelli | Gitarre
Florian Toma | Bass
Leif Jensen | Schlagzeug
Christina Schulz | Showgirl
Luisa Lohöfer | Showgirl

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