BLUTENGEL : New Single & Video „The Prophecy“

Forthcoming album „Un:Sterblich – Our Souls Will Never Die“ releases on May 12, 2023!

The myth Blutengel takes on a new stage with the brand new single „The Prophecy“!

Blutengel excites today with one of the most impressive solo numbers, sung by Ulrike Goldmann. In the music video, action, conspiracies, and also dark romance come to the fore. The first mysterious beats play, people are dancing, are they being intended targets…? Peng! As in a Bond film, a concise title melody leads through the song and surrounds the female vocals. Also, Ulrike, as the lead character in the music video, resonates with this suspenseful, sensual note that belongs to every Blutengel video.

Watch „The Prophecy“ now here:

When prompted to reveal more details about the lyrics, she says this song has another level: „Not only musically, but also through the lyrics. I lyrically angle myself to what is going wrong with climate, elections, war, etc. The world is changing; the world is slowly dying.“

Welcome to the apocalypse! Every Blutengel fan will indeed be carried away by „The Prophecy“ and can sing the chorus lines reflexively. The song is written by Chris Pohl.

„Musically, this is certainly one of the extraordinary songs…. No straight beat; everything is convoluted, creepy, distorted…. minimalistic, and cool… The number is edgy, but Ulli’s stark vocals add the touch of melody,“ says Chris, composer, and mastermind of Blutengel.

Stream „The Prophecy“:

You can pre-order the upcoming Blutengel album „UN:STERBLICH – Our Souls Will Never Die,“ out on May 12, now in the physical format of your choice here The album release will be accompanied by concerts in May and June and a big open-air anniversary show on June 17 in Chemnitz, Germany. Follow Blutengel online, and don’t miss any new singles, events, and upcoming music videos.

Tracklist – „Un:Sterblich – Our Souls Will Never Die“
CD 1

  1. The Void – Prologue
  2. King of blood
  3. Unsere Zeit läuft ab
  4. We belong to the night
  5. The last crusade
  6. Fliegen
  7. Tief
  8. Dark history
  9. Kein Mensch
  10. Shine again
  11. Living on the edge of the night (A Gothic anthem)
  12. The prophecy
  13. Wir sind Unsterblich (Alternative Mix)
  14. Ohne Wiederkehr
    CD 2
  15. Can you see me
  16. Back for blood
  17. Journey
  18. Meine Macht
  19. Sinful games
  20. No suicide song
  21. Our souls will never die
  22. Nobody
  23. Dunkelheit
  24. She’s missing…
  25. Frei sein