Video zum „Song of the Day“ von ILLUMISHADE veröffentlicht!

Passen zu unserem „Song of the Day“ von ILLUMISHADE ist heute auch das Video zur Single erschienen.

Links zu allen Streaming-Plattformen auf denen Ihr euch den Song reinziehen könnt & dem Video auf YouTube gibt’s hier:

Mehr Infos über Illumishade (English):

A rising star in the modern metal sky, boasting a cinematic scope to their brew of Prog Metal full of
majestic melodies and soaring leads that grab the listener by the heart.

The project from Eluveitie singer Fabienne Erni and guitarist Jonas Wolf established itself successfully in theinternational Rock & Metal scene with their 2020 debut concept album release ‚ECLYPTIC: Wake of

Ever since, they’ve expanded their musical repertoire with three brand new and diversified singlesamongst others, such as their heavy cover of the Disney Frozen 2 soundtrack’s ‚Into the Unknown‘. In doingso, ILLUMISHADE is not only offering a perfect balance between touching softer and subgenre-crossingheavy tracks, but is inviting everyone to their continuously growing universe to connect and escape not onlymusically, but in a story and interactive aspect as well.

ILLUMISHADEs ‚Guardian‘ Fabienne Erni about the upcoming shows :

‘We are extremely happy to have you all with us on this exciting journey. Of course we can’t wait to finally
bring ILLUMISHADE onto the stage to rock the long time desired live shows with everyone ! Until then – getready and prepared, as we have many new adventures waiting for you in our universe and we definitely havea lot of cool upcoming stuff cooking for you all !’