You like the Motörhead Groove? Then Check VALBORG!

Take that humans! Valborg are offering a short, sharp glimpse of their industrial side, driven by a chugging MOTÖRHEAD groove with the new video single ‚Hektor‘, which is taken from the German sludge monster’s forthcoming album „Der Alte“ („The Old One“) that has been scheduled for release on September 9. Album details are presented below.

The visually impressive video clip ‚Hektor‘ is now released:

VALBORG on tour with MANTAR :

09 SEP 2022 Hannover (DE) Bei Chez Heinz +Mantar +Nightmarer
16 SEP 2022 Köln (DE) Essigfabrik +Mantar +Nightmarer
23 SEP 2022 München (DE) Backstage Werk +Mantar +Nightmarer
24 SEP 2022 Hamburg (DE) Fabrik +Mantar +Nightmarer
29 SEP 2022 Wiesbaden (DE) Schlachthof +Mantar +Nightmarer
30 SEP 2022 Stuttgart (DE) Im Wizemann +Mantar +Nightmarer
01 OCT 2022 Nürnberg (DE) Z-Bau +Mantar +Nightmarer
07 OCT 2022 Rostock (DE) Zwischenbau +Mantar +Nightmarer
08 OCT 2022 Berlin (DE) C-Theater +Mantar +Nightmarer

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