ASHEN – New Single „Sacrifice“ Featuring TEN56.!

Pioneering the future of progressive metal, French newcomers Ashen have today released their new single, „Sacrifice,“ in collaboration with the formidable ten56. This powerful track is now available for streaming:


Delving into the depths of personal turmoil and the artistic journey, „Sacrifice“ emerges from mental health struggles often concealed within the music industry. This track marks a significant collaboration merging Ashen’s own unique blend of progressive metal and heavy rock with the raw, aggressive style of ten56. with Aaron Matts, who lends his raw emotion to the track, bringing a fusion with Ashen’s frontman Clem Richard who shares a personal story through the lyrics, reflecting on the internal battles with his demons, which, despite efforts, remain a haunting and defining part of his life and artistry.

Ashen’s collaboration with Aaron Matts and Luka Rozaka of ten56. is creating a multi-layered discourse on the paradox of creative self-destruction – the fuel for creativity yet a peril to mental well-being.

The official visualizer for „Sacrifice feat. ten56.“ can be viewed here:

Formed in Paris, Ashen is at the forefront of merging cutting-edge soundscapes with introspective lyricism. Known for their deep dives into complex emotional themes, the band is rapidly carving a niche in the global heavy music scene.

More information:

ASHEN are:
Clem Richard – Vocals
Niels Tozer – Guitars
Antoine Zimer – Guitars
Thibaud Poully – Bass
Tristan Broggia – Drums