CRIMSON VEIL release music video for apocalyptic debut single ‚Flinch‘ – Album „Hex“ available for pre-order now

The dark alternative metal alliance CRIMSON VEIL may still have been a mystery to some parts of the metal world, but that changes today as the UK-based band finally release their debut single ‚Flinch‘, showcasing their distinctive sound for the first time away from the stage. The diverse track is also a foretaste of CRIMSON VEIL’s debut album, „Hex“, which will enchant audiences worldwide from September 20, 2024.

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Vocal aesthete Mishkin Fitzgerald comments: „‚Flinch‘ is about the end of the world. Humanity is heading towards mass extinction due to its own decisions and we often wonder if it can be stopped somehow.“

‚Flinch‘ represents a new challenge for fans of sophisticated music: The dualistic piece manages to switch effortlessly between aggression and euphoria. Arranged by Hana Piranha, a classical string quartet makes the first sounds audible. It skillfully wraps the listener around its finger before the song explodes and atonal guitar riffs take the lead, supported by guttural death metal growls. Contrary to what one would expect from this genre, the track then drifts into psychedelic, dreamy realms, where it leads into a passionate guitar solo by Garry Mitchell. Anna Mylee’s tasteful drumming leads the way through this musical labyrinth, while Fitzgerald contributes heavenly, light tones that repeatedly mutate into frenzied growls.


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With a penchant for unique, dark sounds, the British troupe skillfully combines elements of rock, metal and cinematic music while lyrically illuminating esoteric themes imbued with a dark visual aesthetic. The four talented multi-instrumentalists hail from various band projects and have an impressive live history across the UK, USA and Mexico. They have also worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Paul Reeve (MUSE) and John Fryer (DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS).

Mishkin Fitzgerald | Vocals
Garry Mitchell | guitar (Strandberg)
Hana Piranha | electric cello
Anna Mylee | drums

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