Berlin’s Rock Metal act HERBST released last Friday brand new single „Spiegel“!

Following their recent signing with Drakkar Entertainment and a previously-released, first single taken off their upcoming, sophomore studio album coming soon, Berlin-based rock and metal upstarters HERBST have shared a brand new song! An official music video for „Spiegel“ (engl. for „mirror“) is now streaming below!

When the leaves fall and the wind blows through the streets of Berlin, it’s time for HERBST [engl. Autumn]. The German rock and metal upstarts have dedicated themselves to the rough and dark sound that breaks through the music scene like a storm. With heavy riffs and gripping beats they hit the Zeitgeist – intense and unmistakably melodic!

The four-piece featuring Oliver Weckert – with his distinctively melodic voice -, Mark Rötz on bass/backing vocals, Steffen Böhm on drums and Niels Gebhardt on guitar, stands for music that gets under your skin. Although their lyrics come in German, they try to reflect life in an unvarnished way that leave no listener untouched. Authenticity isn’t an empty promise here – it’s the foundation of every HERBST note.

„Like our first single, the song ‚Spiegel‘ was also created at the beginning of the album songwriting sessions in 2023 and quickly set a riveting theme with the groovy riff. After the first written lines, namely the chorus hook, the theme of a mirror image emerged and then the song practically wrote itself (if it were that easy).” The band reveals.

„Mirrors have a tremendous power over us… in everyday life…, for better or for worse. They make us look strong – sometimes weak. We love and we hate mirrors, we fear them and deny them. And We quickly realized that we wanted to make a strong video for the song. We think we succeeded.“

With their much-acclaimed debut album, „Ein letzter Abend“ [engl. „A last evening“], the band quickly took the German rock scene by storm, now, it’s time for a next chapter in HERBST’s uprising career! Watch out for many more album details to follow soon, the music video for their latest single „Spiegel“ (out now on all digital streaming providers via can you find here:

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