GOTHMINISTER to take over Eurovision Song Contestpre-qualifications for Norway, with brand new single „We Come Alive“!

Norwegian GOTHMINISTER is an indescribable phenomenon. One factor of this fascinosum is the unique blend of modern gothic industrial metal, danceable EDM parts and a pinch of retro charm. Other factors surely are the impressive theatrical live stage shows or the sophisticated music videos which received more than 30 international film awards to date. 

Following a recent, extensive European tour and in support of its forthcoming album, Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds, now, GOTHMINISTER has released a spectacular music video for its new single „We Come Alive“. Furthermore, the iconic master of the dark will take part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 for Norway, that serves as the country’s preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, taking place this upcoming weekend! Follow GOTHMINISTER for many more news and suprises coming soon on

„The new single «We Come Alive» has recieved so much love from old and new fans already.“ GOTHMINISTER mastermind, Bjørn Alexander Brem, comments.

„It is time to put rock and metal on the map for Norway in Eurovision! The rock and metal scene has the worlds most loyal fanbase, and we always support each other. The song is about being different and standing together against all unfairness and cruelty in this world. 

It was a great experience on the NRK broadcasted press conferance on Friday January 5th, when the whole TV-studio was filled with smoke from my smoke machine and red laser gloves marked the «horns up» into the cameras! 

On Friday January 12th the final version of the song for the competition will be released (MGP version). Gothminister will compete in the first heat in Norway Saturday January 13th to be Norway’s candidate for Eurovision 2024!“

 „We Come Alive“ is now available on all digital services at,
watch the new video clip now streaming here:

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05.-06-07.2024 Mulheim an der Ruhr, Castle Rock Festival (DE)
28-29.06.2024 Rock Am Härtsfeldsee, Dischingen (DE)
21.04.2024 Parsippany, NJ, Dark Force Fest (USA)