CRIMSON VEIL: The surprise of the now ended tour of LORDI and support ALL FOR METAL

Do you know Crimson Veil? No? Have you been on the current LORDI tour? No? Then you’ve missed the surprise of the tour! Of course the support All for Metal was phenomenal and a lot of fun! Headliner LORDI were also above everything else! But it was the opener Crimson Veil who surprised us!

Coming from Brighton in the U.K., the ladies and also the present gentleman of the band are preparing to put on something really big.

With their theatrical performance and music somewhere between alternative rock and esoteric black metal, Crimson Veil captivated the audience during the tour.

The band’s first single will be released soon via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM)!

However, the band members have also been active in various projects in the past, which have taken a different musical direction, but we don’t want to withhold them from you:

Photos of the tour from Mannheim can be found here

Fotos von LORDI und All For Metal aus Mannheim haben wir natürlich trotz der Euphorie für CRIMSON VEIL auch noch: