Today DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER unveil a powerful encouragement with the new song ‚Adler Fliegen‘ and use their extraordinary energy to defy beliefs.

They also release the EP Die Mutter des Teufels which are songs from the album Hallo Freunde. Die Mutter des Teufels will be available from 26th December as a limited tour edition (333 vinyl, 666 CD) at the five concerts of the SCHREI!NACHTEN-XMAS-Tour. From the 19th January the songs will be available on all streaming platforms.

The songs of Die Mutter des Teufels continue to consist of Hallo Freunde, which will not be missing at any future „Reitermaniacs“ party, ‚Two Children of Mother Night‚, revealing a love that began as stardust and culminates in a grandiose duet with Sabine Scherer (ex-DEADLOCK) and the title song ‚Die Mutter des Teufels‚, a fairy tale that has been told, danced and lived since the beginning of time. The XMAS – SCHREI!NACHTEN tour starts in December 2023, together with EQUILIBRIUM and DOMINUM. All tourdates are listed below.

Stream ‚Adler Fliegen‚ here:

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Stream the EP Die Mutter des Teufels here: