FORTÍÐ – Narkissos – Release: 13.10.23

FORTÍРunleash their new full-length Album „Narkissos„. The already acclaimed seventh album of the Icelandic metal trio is also streaming in full on all relevant digital services.

For anybody following the now more than 20-year long career of FORTÍРthe writing of not just a great but an all around outstanding album to come has always been clearly visible on the wall. With their seventh full-length entitled „Narkissos“, the Icelandic trio has finally done it and delivered a masterpiece that should easily make it into the top part of those end of the year lists.

So what’s different? As so often, the actual changes are not that obvious. FORTÍРare just doing everything even better than they have already done before. Possibly, their loose approach to any specific genre of metal has finally abandoned all limitations completely. The Icelanders forge melodic riffing from black, death, thrash, and heavy metal threads into one sharp weapon. Any particular sound is not the purpose, but all of them are primarily made to serve the songs. As a result „Narkissos“ features nine catchy and fiery metal anthems.

FORTÍРdetermined the musical coordinates of their long journey with the ambitious „Völuspá“ album trilogy, which was released from 2003 to 2010. Their early combination of harsh black and death metal riffing with a pinch of thrash and a penchant for epic melodies, versatile vocals as well as a heavy dose of „Icelandic sound“ was continuously refined on the acclaimed „Pagan Prophecies“ (2012) full-length and the following „9“ (2015) album. With the dark and deadly „World Serpent“ (2020), FORTÍРcharted the current course that led via the two-track EP „Dómur um dauðan hvern“ (2022) straight to „Narkissos“.

Lyrically, FORTÍРremain on an Old Norse and pagan course, although the album title refers to the Ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, a Boeotian hunter renowned for his beauty, who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. Guðmundsson has woven a yarn in a Nordic context about a character with the so-called narcissistic personality disorder that runs as a red thread through „Narkissos“. The album depicts his lifespan from a young and violent person, who plays with people like pieces on a chess board. When his true nature becomes apparent, he becomes angry, paranoid, and full of self-pity until he ends up as an old, lonely man whom everyone has long abandoned.

With „Narkissos“, FORTÍРpresent a contemporary metal album that is both musically and lyrically taking the Icelanders to a new peak, and by firmly placing substance over style will find its audience. 

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Recording line-up
Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson – vocals, guitars, synthesizer
Kári Pálsson – bass
Kristján Einar Guðmundsson – drums

Guest musician
Niilo Sevänen (INSOMNIUM) – vocals on ‚Narkissos‘
Øystein Hansen – acoustic guitar on ‚Illt skal með illu gjalda‘

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