LASTER- Andermans Mijne – Release: 13.10.23

LASTER celebrate today’s release on Friday, October 13 of the their new album „Andermans Mijne“ with a video clip for the title-track. The stunning new full-length from the Dutch avant-garde metal trio is now also streaming in full on all relevant platforms.

On „Andermans Mijne“, LASTER continue their subversive work to experiment and to constantly warp and widen the framework of extreme metal with elements of indie and jazz rock, shoegaze and art pop, as well as post-black metal and whatever else the Dutch deem fit for purpose. Despite all complexity, a wide sonic range, odd time signatures, and other musical intricacies, the result is surprisingly stringent and to the point – at times even catchy and groovy.

Since their formation in the old Dutch university city of Utrecht in 2012, LASTER have shifted from a comparatively ‚romantic‘ take on blackish avant-garde metal infused with art-rock dissonance towards an even more experimental approach, and somewhat back again. Already their 2014 debut album „De verste verte is hier“ playfully deconstructed and re-arranged metal song structures. Their sophomore full-length „Ons vrije fatum“ (2017) went several steps further and to high critical acclaim as exemplified by an „album of the month“ title in the UK magazine Terrorizer. The genre-benders‘ third album „Het Wassen Oog“ has been compared with a sonic equivalent of dark movies by legendary director Andrey Tarkovsky: expressionistic, urgent, and with long glimpses into dim corners that symbolise the human psyche.

The authentic character of LASTER’s music is also reflected in the band’s lyrical and visual expression regarding their art inspired album covers and live performance with their characteristic humanoid half masks. They can be easily singled out from the myriad of hood wearing acts these days.

With „Andermans Mijne“, LASTER deliver a bold fourth chapter of their ongoing story of a labyrinthian tale full of surprising twists, multiple layers, and fascinating new ideas.

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