Stoner Rockers WOLF PRAYER return with new album „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“ – First single & video now online!

With new single „Luna“, German fuzz rockers WOLF PRAYER celebrate their comeback and at the same time announce their second studio album „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“ for a release on October 6, 2023 via Barhill Records. The pre-sale is now available at THIS LOCATION!

As the band comments, „Luna“ is a tribute to NASA’s Apollo programme (1969-1972), the associated moon landings and to our mystical partner: the moon. Space travel supports, shapes and secures our lives and ranges from new space stations to manned missions to the moon, Mars or asteroids. Mankind strives to discover new places, countries or planets.”

A cosmic music video for „Luna“ has been released here:

Following their much acclaimed 2019-debut album „Echoes Of The Second Sun“, on „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“WOLF PRAYER deal with a wide variety of topics in their seven new songs: the longing for a new love, the loss of personality of a loved one due to oblivion caused by illness, the mindless following and carrying out of socially „respected, correct“ teachings and losing oneself in an everyday routine, the eternal game between good and evil, a homage to the moon and space travel, and the inner urge that results in a conscious personality change that one accepts and thereby wrongs loved ones.

Like its predecessor, „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“ was mastered by Sidney Claire Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios. WOLF PRAYER see „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“ as a further refinement of their style, a mixture of atmospheric fuzz/desert/stoner and heavy rock, which had its origins on „Echoes Of The Second Sun“. This time it was important for them to capture the „power, consistency and force“ of their live set. Not least due to the long recording phase with producer Christian Hack, the understanding and ear of Christian Schmid, who was able to wonderfully empathise with the sound they were looking for, and the mastering by Sidney Claire Meyer in the internationally renowned Emil Berliner Studios, an optimal, powerful symbiosis of live and studio sound was achieved.

Since the release of their debut, WOLF PRAYER have played several small tours with genre-similar bands such as Elara Sun Streak Band, Kosmodrom or Have Blue, and in support of Motorowl and J. Mascis‘ band Witch. Fans of Nebula, All Them Witches, Kyuss and beyond should definitely keep an eye and ear on WOLF PRAYER’s upcoming „Spell Of The Crimson Eye“!

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