Wasteland Clan – The End of Time – Release: 21.04.23

The End Of Time has come…

Suited in the garments of the last days, it is finally time for the demoness Lilith Fox, Mashl J. (a.k.a. the Messiah), and his three prophets Rayzon, Zach Volcanic and Smoky 616 to heed their destiny, to carry out salvation to the world and to raise their numbers!

All that is left after the apocalypse is combined in this album: Hate and fear but also hope, brutal as well as earthshaking drums and enchanting choirs, stories of death as well as guidance for the lost and unbelieving.

The true ten commandments will take the form of song – listen to them carefully, and receive the Messiah’s message, Lilith’s visions, and the prophet’s myths.

Join the Clan.

Follow the Messiah.

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