FUTURE PALACE release brand new single ‚Malphas‘

We know demons as legendary creatures – but sometimes they seem more real to us than we would like.

In their new single ‚Malphas‘, the Berlin post-hardcore shooting stars Future Palace combine mythological symbolism with the very real abysses of an earthly emotional world.

Even the introductory staccato riffing announces with the darkest timbres the most harrowing three minutes the band has recorded by far. While Future Palace had repeatedly written with hitherto unknown heaviness on their second album »Run«, which was released in 2022, ‚Malphas‘ completed this development in a superlative way.

An incomparable, massively produced set of instruments, together with the brute screams of singer Maria Lessing, create a trembling sound drama that can hardly be described satisfactorily with the label „post-hardcore“, but is ensnared by clanking synthesizer coldness as well as industrial and darkwave elements.

Watch/listen to new single ‚Malphas‘ now: