The New Video “Come Alive” Is A Brilliant, Melodic Journey From L.A. Project (ft. guests from Annihilator , Exxocet )

L.A. Project has a solid new EP “Electric Life” coming out July 223 and leading up to it, they are releasing their single “Come Alive”. The international melodic metal/rock group has been pieced together by top players in the game including bassist Rich Gray (Annihilator, Aeon Zen), and vocalist Lukky Sparxx (Exxocet) who have joined guitarist/visionary Luis Amaro. The response to the first single “Carry On” was very positive and they expect a similar reception with this new track. Amaro explains:

“David Mendez is a great session drummer from Argentina and he recorded all the drums in the EP with the exception of “Carry On” that is with Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator). The video of this single was produced by Audiologic and I think it is great. It was a big challenge for me to create a visualization of the lyrics and I think we got it. The guitars, the bass and the drums are always doing something special and the great voice of Lukky keeps it all together. Hope you like it too.”

“Carry On” the first single started with 3 chords and developed from that. After recording the single Alessandrini was replaced by David Mendez on drums and they started working on the new single “Come Alive”. In this song, they bring out a heavier sound with more focus on the guitar parts. There are lots of layers in the track as all the new songs have three or four guitars playing at the same time, which gives it melodic texture and many things to focus on. Each playthrough offers a new perspective.

Detailed, inspiring, and powerful, L.A. Project is recommended for fans of Dokken, Hardline, and Jet Jaguar.

Watch and listen to “Come Alive”: