WASTELAND CLAN Premieres „Dark Matter“ Video Of Upcoming, Hotly-Anticipated Debut Album

„The End Of Time“!
April 21, 2023 sees the WASTELAND CLAN, led by demoness Lilith Fox, Mashl J. (a.k.a. the Messiah), and their three prophets Rayzon, Zach Volcanic and Smoky 616, release their hotly-anticipated debut album, The End Of Time, through MASSACRE RECORDS .

All that is left after the apocalypse is combined on record: Hate and fear but also hope, brutal as well as earthshaking drums and enchanting choirs, stories of death as well as guidance for the lost and unbelieving. Since „the 10 new songs are each assigned to one of the „New 10 Commandments“ of the WASTELAND CLAN“, as the band recently explained, and following first single-releases „Rising Storm“ as well as the apocalyptic album title track, today, WASTELAND CLAN shared a video for the third commandment, new single „Dark Matter“!

Watch the new, official music video by WASTELAND CLAN here:

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