IN A DARKENED ROOM Taps Into Love, Loss & Memory With New Album

Nightly meetings in a dimly-lit basement studio is where Texas-based darkwave band, In a Darkened Room and ultimately the debut album, Sorrows were born. Sorrows is the culmination of the release from the repetition and seclusion brought on by the pandemic. The title is a fitting „black umbrella“ under which the eight aching tracks reside.

“We wanted to feel the beauty in this chance to create while untethered by the constraints of ’normal‘ times, but the sense of ever-present doom on our doorstep weaved a constant thread of sorrow into our music.“ – CJ Duron.

Sorrows is a down-tempo, sensual, and melodic dream-dance, interlacing eight stories that feel like grey sky cemetery drives, dawn’s heavy fog light, and a sad, sweet smile you’ll never see again.

Sorrows is available on CD and on all major digital platforms NOW!

Video „Sleep Again“ :