HOST release GosT Remix of debut single ‚Tomorrow’s Sky‘

Emerging dark wave project HOST, launched by Nick Holmes and Greg Mackintos of Paradise Lost , have revealed a remix of their debut single ‚Tomorrow’s Sky‘ by US synthwave producer Gost The release follows the recent announcement of their debut album IX, out on 24th February, and signing to Nuclear Blast Records.

The remix is an amped up version of the duo’s track that surges with a brooding, yet irresistibly danceable energy.

GOST comments:
„After listening to the original track I knew the vocals and overall vibe would fit well with the Gost sound. The vocals sat effortlessly into my mix and the guitar solo’s are super smooth. Stoked to work with HOST on this and I cannot wait to share the remix with my fans.“

Stream ‚Tomorrow’s Sky (Gost Remix)‘ on all platforms now at:

About HOST

The origins of HOST do not trace back to the 1999 PARADISE LOST album bearing the same name but instead to the West Yorkshire music clubs of the mid-to-late 1980s. While Holmes and Mackintosh were already certified heavy metal fanatics (“metal thrashing mad” as Holmes equates), they were equally drawn to the New Wave and Goth music scenes. The pounding rhythms, sublime melodies and undercurrent of darkness drew them in, creating immediate earworms and a desire to delve further.

Mackintosh finally put plans into motion during the pandemic for a venture that would merge his penchant for sound design with the moods and atmosphere of 1980s dance-pop and Goth. The project was originally a solo pursuit until he asked Holmes, his longtime PARADISE LOST songwriting partner, to join. HOST was selected as the name as a tip of the hat to the aforementioned album that found PARADISE LOST in an unprecedented period of experimentation that eschewed their metal roots and also challenged their fanbase in ways like never before.

“We always stood by Host as an album,” says Mackintosh. “This project is not totally connected to that album, but some of the ideas are extrapolated. We’re taking the basic premise and trying it out now. And, really, it was something fun and interesting for us to do. We’ve been doing PARADISE LOST for a long time and got an itch to try something different from where PL is now. I could take PL down this route again. Who knows? It may happen if we live long enough, but I thought, ‘Why not now?’ I had the time to do it.”

HOST is:
Nick Holmes – Vocals
Greg Mackintosh – Guitars, Synths & Programming