HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY reveal new music video for ‚Mad World‘ + announce re-recordings of their first two albums!

In the past decade, Harakiri for the sky have become pioneers of the post black metal movement, gained a significant worldwide following with „III: Trauma“ and even entered the German charts on #4 with their latest album „Maere“. For the 10th anniversary of their debut album, the Austrian duo, consisting of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter M.S. as well as vocalist and lyricist J.J., will take a deep dive into their past:

Since the band was never fully happy with the production of their first two albums, „Harakiri For The Sky“ and „Aokigahara“, they decided to not just remaster but fully re-record both releases in their entirety, together with longtime collaborator Krimh on drums and a re-designed cover artwork by Art Of Maquenda. Both albums will be out on December 9th.

„As some of you might know, we had produced these albums ourselves and wanted to re-do both with the recent possibilities that we have“, the duo explains. „We did our best to keep their original spirit, but added a vibe that seemed more fitting to the current standards of this band. Ten years ago, we couldn’t really imagine where this journey would lead us to, so redacting these first, but nevertheless very important tentative steps was something really dear to us.“

In order to get an impression of how these albums will sound when re-imagined in 2022, you can watch the new music video for the Tears For Fears cover ‚Mad World‘, the rare bonus track from 2014’s „Aokigahara“: