Industrial Rock Band INDUSTRY OF DOOM Bring Nihilism To Their Four Song Debut!

Mysterious industrial rock band, Industry of Doom have introduced their nihilistic philosophy to the world with four new digitally-released tracks:

The Philosophy:
Industry Of Doom is a nihilistic re-invention of your past while self destruction is a thread throughout the lyrics. It’s about the power of brainwashing and manipulation. Truth and Lies. Reality and fantasy. How the wedge of drugs separates families. There is no better way-not through philosophy nor any other way.

Society is on a mission to shut down thought and expression-to shut down possibilities. Industry Of Doom wants to put everything on the table. Understanding manipulation- Whether you are the manipulator or the manipulated. Societal and social dominance and submission.

The Music:
Industry Of Doom is interested in utilizing music to tell the story-but also interested in opening neural circuits in the brain; Re-calculating pathways through music and thought.

Says Gentleman Vox about the musical direction: „I would say that my musical influences are very organic-that I purposefully clear my head when I’m writing-I have a thought as a seed and the music should come naturally from that. I literally put my thoughts and feelings out in music-I listen to punk, electro, metal, techno and art rock.“

Gentleman Vox and KÖSNIK’s clothing is both ritual wear and a way to keep their identities to themselves. They can move in and out of life. They walk among you and watch what you do.

Watch the Video of Let The Devil Dress In Black“: