Muscle rock pumped straight from the heart of Los Angeles: THE MERCURY RIOTS nurture love with „Be Yours“!

What do you call a car that is built on a trustingly aged design around a fairly average powertrain, yet houses a monstrously growling V8 under a sexy shell of elegantly classic lines? That’s right, it’s a muscle car.

And what do you call a T-shirt whose completely superfluous parts have been cut away so that you can admire the sweat on your shoulders and biceps during highly masculine activities? Yes, also too easy: it’s a muscle shirt, of course.
What would you call a kind of rock ’n‘ roll whose drums pound with the kinetic energy of a cylinder piston driven to the limit of its specifications and whose bass would even drive P*rnosonic back into his mother’s arms, chased by a guitar sound that can push the air out of a room when the door is open? A heavy groove, crowned by a voice like a mountain with a mighty foundation and well-formed sound peaks (despite their origins in the flat south)?

Well, we could call it muscle rock, but that doesn’t exist – or does it? Let’s just call the whole thing THE MERCURY RIOTS.
Fans of one or more of the things listed above, as well as anyone who tends to fall for such people, should definitely check this one out:

Are you in the mood yet?That was „Be Yours“, the very first single from THE MERCURY RIOTS‘ upcoming album „In Solstice“, which will be released on June 21, 2024 and is already available for pre-order.

But who the hell are these guys who were able to claim the coveted HRH AWARD in the RISING STARS category – barely two years after coming together as a band in the midst of a pandemic? Simple answer: pretty badass musicians and highly respected instrumental mercenaries in the ever-pulsating protoplasm of L.A.’s hard music scene.

Tourdates, more coming soon:

6. Juli – Alive Fest – Borlänge, Sweden
25. Juli – Lesconil, France
26. Juli – Kerity/ Penmarch, France
3. August – Skogsrojet Festival – Rejmyre, Sweden