Loud guitar – drums – bass and a versatile voice! This is the full power trio UNTAMED!

Inspired by hard rock, their influences include Nirvana and Metallica. From aggressive sounds to energetic rock ballads, the English lyrics offer everything. Versatile, multi-faceted and catchy. That’s what makes UNTAMED so special.

Since forming in November 2019, the Augsburg-based band has had just one goal in mind: to conquer the world with their explosive rock.

With their hard rock debut album of the same name, published in November 2023, the full-power trio promises aggressive sounds and energetic rock ballads. Versatile, multi-faceted and catchy is what UNTAMED is all about.

In terms of content, the 10 songs range between the „fun of life“ and the „rock n‘ roll lifestyle“. But the band also talks about more serious topics such as grief and love. These are always personal events of the guys, which they process on the album with light humor, passionate emotions and honest feelings. With their music, UNTAMED want to bring all kinds of people together and get them rocking.

The panther on the album cover stands for the dangerous and aggressive sound, the album name, the color black, cunning elegance, as well as the origin of the 3 guys.

For the high-end production with their label „Hicktown-Records“, the band went into the studio recording for 3 weeks. It took a lot of time, hard work and sleepless nights beforehand to set the first major milestone for Untamed with a hair-perfect performance. The band hopes to achieve international fame through the production.

For the best UNTAMED experience, turn up all the speakers!

UNTAMED – DO IT FUCKING LOUD and stream the Album here on Spotify:


Dominik: Guitar and vocals
Danny: Bass
Flames: Drums

UNTAMED online:






Hicktown Records