MILES2FALL – Lower Skies – Release: 15.12.23

Former Mindcrime- and Grooph-members weren‘t satisfied with the surroundings of not teaming up for creating new material until late 2020, when Miles2Fall first appeared.

The concept was quite simple: it‘s about groovin‘, downtuned metal, Gothenburg-styled twin-guitars, tight low ends and epic vocals combined with harsh, erupting growls completing the sound.

Extended, subtle Synths waving underneath the wall of sound make it even unique.

Mastered by legendary Dan Swanö, the first full album
„Lower skies“ is about to crush now!

Stream the Album on YouTube (later on other Platforms):

Miles2Fall also has released a Music Video for the Song „Dead Air“ on YouTube:

Miles2Fall are:

Mario – bass & backings | Nils – guitars | Chris – vocals | Sascha – guitars & synth | Bastian – drums