AGITATION FREE are back with their first new single in 25 years

„Lilac“ is a tapestry of sound that seamlessly weaves together elements of ambient, progressive rock and electronic music.

The visualizer video was released last Werk and can be seen here:

and streamed here:

The Krautrock legend has been resurrected 50 years after their impressive 1972 debut album „Malesch“. Joining the band are the four original members Lutz „Lüül“ Graf-Ulbrich (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo), Michael Hoenig (keyboards, synthesizer, electronic percussion), Gustl Lütjens (†2017, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals) and Burghard Rausch (drums, electronic percussion) as well as newcomer Daniel Cordes (bass, synthesizer). Also on board as guests: Peter Michael Hamel (santoor) and Benjamin Schwenen (lead guitar).

The pioneers of experimental German rock music present „Momentum“, their first studio album since 1999. Agitation Free create cinematic soundscapes in an instrumental time machine and take the listener on an impressive musical journey. Otherworldly sounds, pulsating rhythms, grandiose guitar riffs, hypnotic sequencers and driving bass create an amazing, cinematic soundscape – almost like a time machine connecting past and future. „Momentum“ is an exciting album from Agitation Free. It shows that they are still one of the most innovative bands in the German music scene.