THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME – New Single/Video ‘No Hell (feat. Matthi of Nasty)’ and Debut EP „Right To Disappear“ Is Out Now!

The Tex Avery Syndrome, known for their unapologetic blend of captivating melodies and powerful performances, have released their latest single ‚No Hell,‘ along with their debut EP “Right To Disappear.” This emphatic release aims to empower individuals to reclaim their power in the face of adversity.

Take back your power is the motto that echoes through ‚No Hell‘ and the entire EP „Right To Disappear.“ Singer Laura, who has battled post-traumatic stress disorder for many years, shares a deeply personal message: „I’ve lived with the torment inflicted upon me by others, often feeling helpless and trapped by their actions. To suffer due to the wrongdoing of others, entirely beyond one’s control, is my personal definition of hell. After years of grief and merely surviving, it’s time to raise a defiant voice through our new creations. I hope ‚No Hell‘ encourages people to embrace the fire within them.“

Watch ‘No Hell (feat. Matthi of Nasty)’ music video here:


like their namesake, legendary cartoonist Tex Avery, the band thrives on pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Their music combines a kaleidoscope of influences and genres within the metal spectrum, resulting in a unique and diverse metal experience that transcends conventional boundaries. You can listen to the EP “Right To Disappear” on all major streaming platforms here With a sense of compelling melodies mixed with crushing riffs, breakdowns, and headbanging groove parts, Laura’s brutal vocals become a force of nature with goosebump moments, creating an unbridled mosh pit feeling.

The Tex Avery Syndrome online:

The Tex Avery Syndrome are:
Laura Gierl – vocals
Christoph Kipper – guitar
Nicolas Meister – guitar
Nicolas Holger Jung – drums