WITHIN TEMPTATION share a bloody Halloween „Ritual“ Video!

Dutch metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION release a provocative zombie-vampire gore-fest splatter horror video for their latest single „Ritual“ shortly after the release of their brand new studio album „Bleed Out“, just in time for Halloween.

Brutal and brilliantly comedic, the AI-created video for „Ritual“ critiques the behavior of male sexual predators in the workplace, on the street, on the sports field and more. What if women behaved as aggressively as the men who try to take advantage of them, and what if they fought back to exact a terrible revenge?

Singer Sharon den Adel says, „‚Ritual‘ is a song about seduction and a woman taking over in a world dominated by men. It was inspired by Tarantino’s film ‚From Dusk Til Dawn‘ and is a moment in our album that focuses mainly on the political and repressive issues in the world. We’ve always wanted to do a horror-style video for Halloween, and this song gave us the perfect opportunity to do that, using AI technology to create something really impressive. But it’s also about some of the recent news about men behaving badly, and imagines what would happen if a badass woman fought back in the most horrific way. So get ready for blood, violence, fangs and humor. Happy Halloween to you all!“

Watch the video here:

Released to worldwide acclaim, the album „Bleed Out“ shows Within Temptation at the forefront of contemporary metal and not afraid to take a social and political stand on many of the issues in the world today. As epic as they are blunt, Within Temptation proclaimed both their moral convictions and their fearless approach to music with their fist in the air.

WITHIN TEMPTATION – Bleed Out 2024 Tour: