PLAGUESTORM – New EP „Empty Eyes“ out now on Noble Demon!

Argentinian solo artist Plaguestorm is proud to release his furious new 3 track EP, „Empty Eyes“. Founded by mastermind Sebastián Pastor in early 2014, Plaguestorm has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, delivering a unique blend of furious and raging melodies, drawing inspiration from both the old and new Scandinavian sound of Death Metal.

For the release of „Empty Eyes“ Pastor is joined by the incredible vocal prowess of Okko Solanterä (HORIZON IGNITED) and the masterful drumming skills of Eugene Ryabchenko (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE), along with the talented Diego Martinez. With such prominent support, Plaguestorm’s upcoming offering is set to leave a lasting impact, showcasing his undeniable talent and delivering a sound that will appeal to fans of heavier and melodic sounds.

Listen to the EP’s title track „Empty Eyes“ here: