Atmospheric Black Metal Act SOLBRUD Shares First Single From Upcoming Album; „IIII“ To Be Released February 2 onVendetta Records!

Copenhagen, Denmark -based Black Metal band SOLBRUD is set to release their highly anticipated fourth studio album, titled „IIII“, on February 2, 2024 via Vendetta Records

On „IIII“, SOLBRUD goes directly against their previous way of composing, arranging, and filtering the music – namely collectively. When the songwriting for the upcoming double album began, SOLBRUD decided that the four members should each, individually, compose music and write lyrics for one vinyl side each. But of course, all tracks recorded by the band as a whole. At the same time, there was a desire to expand the musical palette even further. This new process was therefore both inspiring and exciting for each individual band member. But also, a working method that became very time- and energy-consuming along the way. The result of it all has become SOLBRUD’s longest, most ambitious, and most diverse album to date – even leaving room for shorter and simpler tracks. The band’s atmospheric and alluring black metal with their characteristic sound, however, remains intact.

As mentioned, the album is called „IIII“. The number 4 thus is a recurring theme; 4 members, 4 vinyl sides and SOLBRUD’s 4th studio album. The 4 classical elements – Wind, Water, Earth and Fire – are also part of the universe around „IIII“. Each vinyl side – and thus each member’s compositions – constitute one element each.

The band started the recordings of „IIII“ in 2021, but in the autumn of 2021 vocalist/guitarist Ole Luk left SOLBRUD to focus on his solo project Afsky. But Ole Luk is still part of „IIII“, as he wrote and composed his part, and recorded it with the band before his departure. SOLBRUD played a farewell concert with Ole Luk in Copenhagen on May 28th 2022, at the big stage at their forming grounds Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61. The new stage center vocalist and guitarist in SOLBRUD is David Hernan, who became part of the band at the beginning of 2022. David Hernan has already played several concerts in Denmark and abroad with SOLBRUD and has proven his worth as a new frontman. 

In support of the release of their new album, today, the band has unveiled a first intense glimpse of what to expect with the debut single „Tåge“. Listen to the track on your favorite streaming platform or right here:

David Hernan – vocal/guitar
Adrian Utzon Dietz – guitar
Tobias Hjorth Pedersen – bass
Troels Hjorth Pedersen – drums

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