MARC HUDSON (DragonForce) Releases Castlevania-Inspired Lyric Video for “Dracula X!”

MARC HUDSON (DragonForce) has revealed a new lyric video for his track “Dracula X!”, cut from his recent solo debut Starbound Stories! Explosive power metal anthem “Dracula X!” features a skillful guitar solo by Jacky Vincent (ex-Falling in Reverse, ex-Cry Venom) and impressive guest vocals by Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires).

Starbound Stories is an uplifting journey through MARC HUDSON’s universe of power metal, anime influences, Japanese music and video game soundtracks, last mentioned particularly present on “Dracula X!”. The new comic-inspired animated lyric video to “Dracula X!” leads the listener through the exciting storyline of the track.

MARC HUDSON on “Dracula X!”:
“’Dracula X!‘ is a visceral journey inspired by the Castlevania saga. With the spellbinding screams of Adrienne Cowan and the virtuoso mastery of Jacky Vincent’s guitar, it is an evocative battle cry, echoing through the corridors of Dracula’s cursed castle. Through its haunting notes and lyrical poetry, it immortalizes the relentless quest to conquer the undying evil, a sonic testament to the eternal struggle between light and darkness.”

Check out the Action-Packed Lyric Video for “Dracula X!” here:

Line Up:
Marc Hudson – Vocals, Guitar, Backing vocals
Shaz D – Keyboards
Frédéric Leclercq – Guitars, Bass
Rich Smith – Drums