Staubkind on Tour!

There is still my heart““Of course, in these times it is risky to continue living the dream of your own music.When, after the last few years, you feel like you’re standing in front of nothing, in front of a void, and you have the thought of stopping.

Then I suddenly realized that I can’t just let this part of me go or cut it out of my life. There was and still is my heart telling me to keep catching dreams.“After more than 2 years in absolute exceptional situation and felt general standstill, Louis Manke returns to Germany’s stages with his project Staubkind in the fall of 2023 with a lot of hunger for the unique concert feeling.

With the 6th studio album in his luggage, the Berlin singer and guitarist is burning to tell stories live again, to provide unique goosebump moments and to share Staubkind dreams with his audience.On a total of 9 stops from September 22, 2023, there will be the opportunity to experience the very special atmosphere of a Staubkind concert and to disappear from everyday life for a few moments with Louis Manke.

„I can’t wait to finally play live again after such a long time, to laugh, celebrate, sing and dream with the fans!“ – let Staubkind write new stories in your hearts and be there live when dreams are caught again in 2023!

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