WITHIN TEMPTATION: The new Video with the Titeltrack „Bleed out“ from the forthcoming Album is released!

The album’s title track addresses the plight of Iranian women fighting for their rights in the wake of Mahsa Amini’s assassination in Iran. Sharon explains, „As a child, I lived in Yemen. My parents lived in several Middle Eastern countries, and I often visited them when they were there. It’s a different world. Because of my time there, I feel connected to that part of the world. I was so incredibly impressed by the bravery of the young women there, burning their scarves even though they knew they were going to be thrown in jail or worse – it’s heartbreaking.“ The video for ‚Bleed Out‘ can be seen here.

For the music video, the band collaborated with longtime friend and videographer SetVexy and digital designer RART. SetVexy recorded the band’s live performance and RART shaped that performance into an AI-driven animated storyline. Within Temptation say that AI helps them realize their creative ideas and that this new technology has enabled them to create animation and video of a quality that was previously prohibitively expensive.

Watch the Video here: