UNBLESSED DIVINE (feat. former Malevolent Creation, Sinister & Decapitated members) Unleash „I Feed“ Single & Music Video!

August 18, 2023 sees Poland / South Africa-based death metal act, UNBLESSED DIVINE – the new band featuring former members of legendary metal bands Malevolent Creation, Sinister and Decapitated – release their much awaited debut album, titled Portal To Darkness, through Massacre Records. The album pre-sale is available HERE!

Following a previously-released, first album single, the blistering album opening track „Book Of Lies“, UNBLESSED DIVINE have just shared a new music video for the brutal banger „I Feed“! A straight in your face song with influences dating back to 90’s best death metal bands, with Unblessed Divine’s soft, but disturbing touch of electronics. The band comments:

„This track is about letting go of all worldly beliefs and go into a primal world view of being honest with one’s self, instead of going through life indoctrinated by the bastard Christ’s teachings. Children are fed this their whole lives and find it hard to even question their religion. „I Feed“ is a yearning to mindfully feed on all things from darkness. All things that are questions, are now answered and letting go of god and having his death as a victory.“

Hit play and dive into band’s world of pure extreme now premiering here:

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