Polish doom metal giants DOPELORD to release new album „Songs for Satan“ on Blues Funeral Recordings; first single and preorder available!

Warsaw doom metal heavyweights DOPELORD have announced the release of their fifth studio album „Songs for Satan“ to be issued on October 6th as part of Blues Funeral Recordings‘ deluxe PostWax series. Dive into this gigantic new album with debut single „Night Of The Witch“ streaming now on all platforms! 

“Hear you laughing from the dark/As they pray to their god/Now their time has finally come/To reap what they’ve sown.” – Dopelord, 2023

Stream Dopelord’s new single „Night Of The Witch“ at THIS LOCATION

Having paved the way for Polish doom metal for over a decade by sticking to their strictly DIY ethos and hard work, mighty foursome DOPELORD is about to open a new chapter of its history by joining the coveted ranks of US label Blues Funeral Recordings (Acid King, Dozer, Lowrider, Dead Meadow).

Their fifth full-length „Songs for Satan“ is a moment of critical mass for Dopelord. A blast of devil worship in the riffing realms is nothing new, and while they aren’t the first band to openly embrace the motif, their amplified heresy is uniquely triumphant, their fuzz-drenched apostasy genuine and glorious.

Not only does „Songs for Satan“ showcase the band’s equal mastery of lumbering plod and silvery hooks, it also more importantly mines Polish Catholicism’s decades of oppression for lyrical fuel. Tracks like “Satan’s Call,” “The Chosen One,” “One Billion Skulls” and “Worms” are pointed in their defiance of the church’s cultural dominance, even while managing to be contagiously singable at the same time. Maybe the extremity of their position will lead a few listeners to question their beliefs and examine the church and religion’s role (whether in Polish society or elsewhere) like a strong push to open a door. The voice of rebellion is crucial, and Dopelord’s shout is unmistakable.

Calling to mind Electric Wizard, Windhand, Belzebong and Acid King, „Songs for Satan“ is DOPELORD’s apex, an iconoclastic milestone for stoner doom that rumbles the earth and shakes our figurative foundations. It will be available on October 6th, 2023 in various vinyl editions, limited digipak CD and digital. The ultra-limited deluxe edition will be shipped a few weeks prior to PostWax subscribers.

New album „Songs for Satan“
Out October 6th on Blues Funeral Recordings

Preorder on Blues Funeral websiteBandcamp and EU store