MARC HUDSON (DragonForce) Reveals Uplifting Second Single, “The Siren” & Official Music Video!

MARC HUDSON (DragonForce) reveals his second solo single, entitled “The Siren”, together with an official music video! Napalm Records will release MARC HUDSON’s innovative first solo full-length, Starbound Stories, on August 25, 2023. Starbound Stories is an uplifting journey through MARC HUDSON’s universe of power metal, anime influences, Japanese music and video game soundtracks.

Energetic “The Siren” is led by a tingling, uplifting melody and ballad-like vocals. The anime-influences that have heavily inspired Starbound Stories are clearly present in the soundscapes of this track, and the story-like lyrics enchant the listener. The accompanying official music video takes the magical atmosphere of the song to the next level.

MARC HUDSON on “The Siren”:
“With soaring melodies, an electronic pulse and a chorus bursting to life with J-pop sensibilities, ‘The Siren’ serves as a love letter to the nightlife of Japan, lighting up the sky with endless colours and possibilities.”

Check out the Official Video for “The Siren” here:

Line Up:
Marc Hudson – Vocals, Guitar, Backing vocals
Shaz D – Keyboards
Frédéric Leclercq – Guitars, Bass
Rich Smith – Drums