FORTÍÐ release video single ‚Uppskera‘ taken from theforthcoming new album „Narkissos“

Icelandic metal trio FORTÍРunleash the video single Uppskera‚ („Harvest“) as a first taste from the forthcoming new full-length „Narkissos„. 

Watch the Video here:

FORTÍРcomment on ‚Uppskera‘: „This song opens up with the final verses in Gestaþáttur* from Hávamál“, mastermind Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson explains. „The poem translates something like this: ‚Cattle die, kindred die / You yourself die / But reputation never dies / Of one who has earned it. / Cattle die, kindred die / You yourself die / But I know one thing that never dies / And that’s a dead person’s deeds‘. The song continues by journeying into the mind of a man with a ruined reputation from his past deeds. And as the title ‚Uppskera‘ (‚Harvest‘) suggests, this man is reaping as he sowed, but he blames all his misfortunes on others. His name will not be honoured after he is gone from this world.“

*„Gestaþáttr“, the ‚Guest’s Part‘ is the first section of the Old Norse Poem „Hávamál“ (‚Words of the High One‘). Its stanzas provide mainly behavioral advise for guests and hosts but also dispense general wisdom. The ‚High One‘ is generally assumed to refer to the god Óðinn (‚Odin‘) and the poem is viewed as offering a glimpse into the moral values of pre-Christian Nordic society.

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