POSSESSED Europe Tour started – From 24.07. also some dates in Germany (Munich, Aschaffenburg, Oberhausen, Wacken, Weinheim)

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Possessed are cult, a classic, an untouchable milestone in the history of extreme metal. The band was founded in 1983. In the beginning they played classic thrash metal, but the debut album „Seven Churches“, released in 1985, becomes the original forerunners of what we call death metal today. The album is packed with the best of both worlds – precise and raw thrash characteristics and the barbaric aggression of earlier death metal acts. Today it is considered one of the seminal albums with a historical significance.

Indeed, the greatness of this record and its influence on the extreme metal scene are enormous. Possessed lit the fire of curiosity and raised the bar for other bands, motivating them to play heavier music and also pushing the boundaries of genre classification. In the following two years the band released another album „Beyond The Gates“ and the EP „The Eyes Of Horror“ and then came the forced break caused by the tragic accident of the singer Jeff Becerra.

In 2007 Becerra decided to revive Possessed. A performance at the Wacken Open Air followed and in the following years the band was seen live again increasingly more. In 2017 they signed a contract with Nuclear Blast and two years later released the comeback album „Revelations Of Oblivion“. Amazing how Possessed manage to still sound fresh even after thirty years and let the magic of their music work, which is among other things certainly due to Jeff’s voice, which does not seem aged one bit. Overall, there’s still a hell of a lot of heart and soul in the sound here. Adrenalin is on point and the tempo remains constantly high. Mind you, professionalism definitely plays a role here, but this youthful energy that makes things sound wild and dangerous is definitely not lost on the band.

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