DOMKRAFT reveal first single ‚Slowburner‘ and details of forthcoming new album“Sonic Moons“!

Swedish psychedelic doom masters DOMKRAFT have released the relentless new track ‚Slowburner‘ as the first single from their highly-anticipated fourth album „Sonic Moons“, which is slated for release September 8.

DOMKRAFT discuss the forthcoming album: „The theme of ‚Sonic Moons‘ is not as much space as the title might suggest, it is essentially all about escapism“, singer and bass player Martin Wegeland writes. „To find that spot in your head and body where you can feel liberated and, if only briefly, escape the constant flood of burden that is life in the real world. Think of ‚Sonic Moons‘ as a pill blister pack, where each song has its own active ingredient. Or an imaginary solar system where each track is its own planet. A galaxy of tunes, with different gravity, different temperatures. A riff- and rhythm-fueled exploration of inner and outer space. It’s about longing, hope, frustration, relief, and some plain old mindfucking. All by means of heavy rock.“

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