Modern Symphonic Metal Force Ad Infinitum Unveils Captivating Fourth Single “From The Ashes” + Music Video!

Modern symphonic metal band AD INFINITUM entices its audience with their latest single „From The Ashes“. The track marks the next stunning offering, cut from their upcoming third album, Chapter III – Downfall, set to be released on March 31, 2023. AD INFINITUM has already gained millions of views on their previous videos worldwide, and vocalist Melissa Bonny leads the way in creating a unique, fresh sound that challenges genre boundaries. AD INFINITUM’s music is sure to captivate and thrill listeners with its powerful emotions and exciting energy.

The new hit, “From The Ashes”, crashes in with a grandiose guitar solo that sets the tone for an epic experience. Melissa Bonny’s captivating vocals in the verses and powerful choruses will undoubtedly charm and energize the audience. The distorted guitars provide an electrifying atmosphere, especially during the intense djent-filled breakdown leading to the mighty finale. Experience the stunning resonance of this song’s modern sound, guaranteed to turn heads and win over legions of new fans. The haunting and heavy ambience of „From The Ashes“ is artfully complemented by a powerful and bombastic music video that magnifies the impact of this incredible track. “From The Ashes“ is now available for streaming worldwide on all major platforms.

AD INFINITUM on “From The Ashes”:

“As the release of our third album Chapter III – Downfall approaches, we are proud to reveal a more progressive creation, together with a video that symbolizes the rebirth of the phoenix, rising again from the ashes. This video definitely warms up the room by a few degrees. Don’t try this at home, kids!”

Check out the music video for “From The Ashes” here:

Melissa Bonny – Vocals
Adrian Thessenvitz – Guitars
Korbinian Benedict – Bass
Niklas Müller – Drums