WOLVESPIRIT achieve the neuronal miracle:Their new single „Still Undefeated“ can let the deaf hear again!

Uh, excuse me? That sounds very suspiciously like an absolute bullshit report!

That’s right: it would be nice – but it’s total bullshit. And why? Because „Bullshit“ is not only the name, but also the concept of the new WolveSpirit album, which will be released this summer as the successor to „Change The World“, which reached number 30 in the German album charts in 2022.

If you want to find out the full bullshit story of the classic/hard rockers about the new single in full bloom, you can find it HERE. But now to the real facts:

„Still Undefeated“ is an expression of the unbending, primal truth that we all carry within us as human beings. For WolveSpirit it is also a kind of mantra to always be aware of our collective strength and determination. The energies within us and around us are often in a complex relationship of tension.

Yin and yang, light and darkness are interwoven in a recurring dance around each other. In this tension lies a hidden beauty and a power that WolveSpirit trace with every line of their new single – and ask themselves what power this unleashed force could have if discord did not force us into the cycle of destruction and reconstruction again and again.

The Würzburg band describes another layer of their new work: „With ‚Still Undefeated‘ we also wanted to point out the alienation from the true source of our being and the omnipresent distortion of truth that turns our dreams into fears. It is a call to become aware of these distortions and to find the courage to confront them in order to come back into alignment with our true selves and our original dreams.“

Watch here the video of the new single:

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