IN EXTREMO organize own „Weckt die Toten Festival“

„Weckt die Toten“ is an album by In Extremo and is a song by In Extremo. The band says: Weckt die Toten is swan song and anthem at the same time, is bitter seriousness and mischievous grin in one and is past and future in the same moment.

„Weckt die Toten“ is friendship and community, is intoxication and ecstasy, is an invitation and a solidarity. But above all and not least, Weckt die Toten is now also a festival by and with In Extremo.“

In future, the festival will take place every year in Halle an der Saale on the Peißnitzinsel

The 6 Spielmänner invite you to Halle an der Saale on the Peißnitzinsel for the festival on 31.08.2024. Feuerschwanz, Knorkator and Rauhbein will also be taking part. The band is obviously not talking about a promise of a good time, but rather a guarantee. There will also be a medieval market.

Tickets are available at and

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