ROXTON – Rock ist back!

Today we present ROXTON!

An incredibly talented musician who gives hard rock a new twist (…) sings on a par with Tremonti or Alter Bridge“ (quote: „(…) from aggressive metal to danceable offbeats, rap borrowings or absolute Myles Kennedy vibes (…) to soft melancholic sounds (…) impresses with a rich and above all modern sound.“ (Quote: ClassicRock).

Comments like these heralded the 2021 solo debut of German songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer Max Roxton, which he produced entirely on his own Numerous interviews with Rock-Antenne, Honest Brutality (California), various reviews of the highly acclaimed debut album The Voice Within and articles in ClassicRock, GUITAR or Metal-Hammer, for example, as well as video premieres on MTV and much more marked the beginning of the artist’s solo career.

Ready to push the boundaries of rock music, the musician returns in 2024 after much acclaimed shows (including with Kissin‘ Dynamite, Hammerschmitt, Soilwork, Bloodred Hourglass, The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats…) with a second album!

The visionary DIY artist is already known for his musical diversity, which is like a powerful ride through six decades of rock history. ROXTON effortlessly combines breathtaking harmonies with virtuoso rock and metal shouts as well as gripping influences from pop and rap. The result? An unmistakable sound that adds a whole new dimension to modern rock, infused with the energy and vibe of the 90s/2000s!

This artist purposefully breaks with convention, weaves genres together and creates his very own, energetic and fresh rock! His contemporary lyrics are not just words, but powerful messages that touch deeply, break taboos and put current issues bluntly on the table!

Since 2022 he has been accompanied by his solo band of the same name, consisting of him (lead vocals / rhythm guitar), Gonzo Urgel (bass / backing vocals), Liz Ivy (tambourine / backing vocals), Jo Apfel (lead guitar / backing vocals) and Gereon Homann (drums / backing vocals) to bring his songs to the stage!

Here, 100% real music is presented – without auto-tune, without any recordings! ROXTON’s shows are more than just musical performances; they are bursts of energy, handcrafted and passionate. The atmosphere is charged, the enthusiasm palpable – an experience that brings together fans of all musical genres. „I don’t care about the narrow boundaries of different styles! All I want is to write good music and connect people from different musical and social backgrounds!“ (Max Roxton).

Immerse yourself in the world of ROXTON: the essence of handmade guitar music that not only electrifies fans, but also finally gives genre outsiders access to heavy sounds again!

About the new single:

„ALL IN VAIN“ clearly criticizes a power- and growthoriented global policy that has been supported by a divided and debilitated society since time immemorial. This society, removed from its natural roots, overwhelmed with obligations and distractions, trimmed only for functionality, is increasingly perishing under the megalomania of the socalled representatives of the people of our world, regularly sacrificing life, strength and health in the name of continuous economic growth.

Allusions to the Ukraine conflict illustrate the abuse of power in relation to current events. The song is the prelude to the new album and, with its dynamics, combines stylistic elements from the entire album. Between post-grunge, nu-metal and rock, ROXTON’s new single works its way to a remarkable climax, which ends in a beautiful solo and presents the band stronger and clearer than ever before.

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