ALL FOR METAL announce details of upcoming sophomore album and launch „Gods Of Metal“ album pre-sale; Music video for title track single unveiled on YouTube; European tour with LORDI underway

„Gods Of Metal“: A title that couldn’t be more fitting for ALL FOR METAL’s upcoming second album, which will be released on 23 August 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). While the eight-piece, who have experienced a meteoric rise in a very short space of time that is far from over, are travelling across the continent together with their Finnish monster label mates LORDI to bring their message to the European metal people, they are launching the corresponding album pre-sale today. A music video produced by Silent Village Productions is now available for the album’s title track, giving fans a taste of the „Gods Of Metal“ nectar.

Watch the video here:

Tetzel comments: „An anthem for a modern metal generation! Who are the gods and goddesses of metal? Well, that’s for you to decide! But the pantheon is huge and deserves attention! Let’s celebrate our passion and love for heavy metal together and pay homage to it! This is just another stage of our long journey to the metal Olympus, so join us and let’s conquer the world together, because: It’s ALL FOR METAL…and metal for all!“


Tetzel | Vocals
Antonio Calanna | Vocals
Jasmin Pabst | guitar
Ursula Zanichelli | guitar
Florian Toma | Bass
Leif Jensen | drums
Christina Schulz | Showgirl
Luisa Lohöfer | Showgirl