DAMONA – Alternative Rock exceptional talent on tour! On 17.01.24 also in Frankfurt!

Anyone who sees DAMONA at one of her first live shows in the early summer of 2023 will realize that they are dealing with an exceptional talent. She sings, she jumps, she talks to the audience and does it all as if she had never done anything else before. These are her first live shows with her own band. Her new single is about
„GOD GIVE ME A CAR“ is a pop-punk rock banger about balmy summer nights in the big wide world and the desire for it. DAMONA herself is currently
everything she can to travel the big wide world with her music.

The 17-year-old artist DAMONA from Bavaria is an – one has to be careful with the term, even if it applies – exceptional talent from the German music market and, after her first 5 single releases with over 2.5 million streams, an Amazon Music „Newcomer“ spotlight and various TikTok features, is on her way to setting a benchmark for modern, fresh female guitar pop music from Germany to the international market that has not been seen for a long time. Labels are already snapping up the 17-year-old Now the time has come: the new single with the telling title „GOD GIVE ME A CAR“, which has been eagerly awaited by both the media (VISIONS, PULS, MDR Sputnik) and, above all, her more than 1.9 million (!) TikTok followers, is finally being released.

The new single proves once again that DAMONA is versatile, sings with attitude, guitar and power about her very individual experiences in the field of tension of Generation Z and is simply touching. In „GOD GIVE ME A CAR“, she sings with power about the dichotomy of „not quite being free yet“ but „already seeing freedom on the horizon“. Typical for a 17-year-old „The song is about getting away and escaping your everyday life. I think a car gives you a lot of freedom, I hope I was able to convey the feeling of running away i, song well.“ Two years ago, the then 14-year-old began to connect with her fans on social media and now, in June 2023, has almost 2 million followers on TikTok alone, hundreds of thousands of whom follow, like and beg for further releases of her song interpretations and her own demos. Over 80,000 followers on Instagram, for whom Anja is far more than an „influencer“.

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She is a role model. She fights for equality and diversity, Pride rights and all that with casual self-irony and great songs. But DAMONA always wanted to approach her music career the right way:
Because DAMONA, is one thing above all: a passionate and incredibly talented musician who is now venturing into the public eye with her first own songs, produced by top producer Christian Neander (Selig) and others. With attitude, pop and guitar. Between teenage angst and female empowerment. And her talent is not going unnoticed: major labels are snapping up the
17-year-old, who was the focus artist for the two main campaigns for the TikTok hashtag #ROCK (as the only female artist alongside Kraftklub and Rammstein) and the #PRIDE campaign launched on July 15.

American blogs such as „Keep On Wal-king Music“ also write enthusiastically: „The vocals performance is incredible and when you take the time to dive into her lyrics you can’t help but realize how genius the work really is.The 16-year-old singer DAMONA is an exceptional talent on the German music market.“ Radio stations such as PULS and the Munich-based Amazon Music Germany department have supported DAMONA with major features since the beginning. She is an exceptional talent. And an unconventional pop star who doesn’t follow trends or new „rules“.

And here it comes through again: Contrary to the musical preferences of many of her peers, DAMONA stands for a love of guitar music. She counts ACDC and Queen among her role models and in her TikTok videos, which regularly reach hundreds of thousands of people, she embodies a modern, self-determined, courageous grunge alternative who, with her catchy voice, sensational looks and, above all, a large portion of nonchalance, embodies what many teenagers want to be: A rebel who stands up for guitar music in 2023, who writes her own songs that already show great maturity. Yes, her own songs, you read that right. Not an industry plan, but genuine. And above all, a person who doesn’t have to conform to the expectations of a casting show, general trends or short-lived musical hypes.
short-lived musical hypes.

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