Canada’s Heavy Metal Outfit LANCASTER is dropping a payload of Heavy Metal with Video for the Song “Ravenstone” – New Album „Hell Campaign“ out now!

Lancaster is an old-school heavy metal band out of Quebec City, Canada who, like their namesake, rain down indiscriminate destruction in the form of memorable riffs, high-speed solos, and thunderous drums. They have three albums out so far, the most recent being “Hell Campaign”, which debuted on October 6th of this year. Now they have a mesmerizing and unsettling AI-generated music video for the single “Ravenstone”.

The single was inspired by Dan Carlin’s podcast “Painfotainment” about the death penalty, torture, and execution throughout human history, it is a re-creation of a man sentenced to death and experiencing his execution as a form of entertainment. It fits in well with the album’s dystopian perspective on the nature of war and power. Set in a “dieselpunk” heavy metal fantasy, there’s also some political philosophy inspired by the times. The band explains how the album came together:

“Hell Campaign” was written to set the record straight. All the songs were written by the current line up and a special attention to detail was brought to the table. We wanted to hit big so we brought on some muscle with our producer Raph from Broil Music. We shut ourselves out from the world and didn’t get out of the studio until all the tracks were laid out. It took ten days but we got it done. We think the effort put in shows in the quality of the album.”

Lancaster’s themes get a lot of inspiration from guitarist/vocalist Sim ”G” Giard’s personal philosophy but also from his army background. Their lyrics often have a militaristic theme to them as they follow the band’s name. They talk a lot about the dynamics of power, the horrors of war, and the madness brought on by both. The album art for “Hell Campaign” is a worked version of the trench system on the Somme, France in WW1, showcasing the scars of destruction of man’s war on the land.

Lancaster strives to make their listeners feel powerful, energetic, excited, and hyperactive. Especially those who enjoy Motorhead, Judas Priest, and Megadeth.

Watch and listen to „Ravenstone“ here:

„Hell Campaign“ was released on October 6, 2023, and is available on all digital platforms and CD at the following link: