New Single From JYRKI 69 And DANNY B. HARVEY’s Gothabilly Supergroup, THE 69 CATS, Unleashes The Band’s Inner Wolf!

Los Angeles, CA – As the Halloween season fast approaches, ghouls and goblins everywhere are on the hunt for the next haunted anthem to kick off their fiendish festivities. Enter “Cocaine Werewolf,” the brand-new single from thrilling, chilling rockabilly side project, The 69 Cats! Uniting the forces of baritone vocalist Jyrki 69 of goth metal icons The 69 Eyes and devilishly gifted guitarist Danny B. Harvey of Swing Cats/The Head Cat, The 69 Cats bring the perfect mix of sinister cool and smokin’ hot that is sure to kick any Halloween party into high gear!

“Cocaine Werewolf” rides a classic rockabilly guitar riff with a driving rhythm track, courtesy of Blondie drummer Clem Burke no less, custom built to overload your serotonin receptors faster than the purest Columbian snow. Harvey’s guitar cuts like sharpened cat’s claws against Jyrki’s bloodthirsty vocals, revealing the ferocious inner wolf beneath the feline’s frock. Check out the track in the link below and have howling good Halloween!

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