Polish Psych Doom/Progressive Stoner Act TORTUGA Reveals Album Details & Music Video for First Single „Lilith“!

With their 2017 self-titled debut, TORTUGA took the heavy stoner and psychedelic doom metal scene by storm. Following their sophomor offering, Deities (2020), and a worldwide record deal with rock and metal empire Napalm Records, October 27, 2023 will see the Polish four-piece unleash their third studio album, Iterations!

A music video for their first single, „Lilith“, is now premiering:

TORTUGA comments:

„Lilith is a song full of emotions, an evocative journey through love and hate for humanity, a tale that embodies its own time paradox. While crafting this song, we aimed to vividly convey the interplay of these contrasting emotions, not just through lyrics, but also through the very essence of the music.
The song takes our familiar stoner/doom sound and gives it a fresh twist. You’ll catch hints of Type O Negative in there; we’re just big fans! We’ve always been drawn to the raw emotion in their music—the delicate balance between happiness and sadness. With ‘Lilith’, we aimed to capture and reflect that same emotional depth without losing our own style.
We can’t wait to share it with you live!“

Compared to its predecessors, TORTUGA’s forthcoming album Iterations moves from monolithic stoner-doom to progressive and experimental facettes, enriching its listeners’ auditory experience while managing to mature the band’s epic doom and stoner trademarks. Anyone who may have previously mistook TORTUGA as a Lovecraftian themed band should make no mistake – they are storytellers, and Iterations proves the Poznan-based outfit puts as much effort into said storytelling as their songwriting. This time, the band digs deep and delivers a concept album about the whole history of the universe (from beginning to the end), which is also applicable, metaphorically, to the history of a person’s lifetime. Each of the seven new tracks are related in context to the theme of the entire record, but every one of them is a standalone story.Songs such as today’s premiering first single, „Lilith“, showcase the authentic sound and unconventional songwriting of TORTUGA. In a world of over-polished studio productions, it’s even more exhilarating to discover Iterations. It’s a haunting trip through time and space, full of light and shadow. With Iterations, TORTUGA has passed the challenge of album number three with a grade A: The album is a thrilling, free-spirited, deep and enthralling ride, and one that will ultimately establish the band at the top of the current stoner doom and progressive psych rock olymp!

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Pablo- Guitar, Vocals, Sampler

Krzysiu – Guitar, Synth, Vocoder

Heszu – Bass

Marcin – Drums