Modern Metal Outfit KILLSWITCH ENGAGE live in Germany! On 08. August in Frankfurt!

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE + Special Guests: Heretoir & Bossk

Modern metal with mass appeal – 9th album in the works! In August three German shows in Frankfurt, Cologne and Saarbrücken!

Killswitch Engage are considered uncompromising and influential protagonists of modern heavy metal. Between being grounded and Grammy nominated, the US quintet combines heaviness and melody like no other band. Now there are clear signs that one can expect a new, the now ninth studio album in the foreseeable future. Around this outlook, three headlining shows for Germany have now been announced: On August 8, Killswitch Engage will perform inFrankfurt on August 8, Cologne on August 9 and Saarbrücken on August 16.

In 1999, Killswitch Engage was founded in the US state of Massachusetts. Already with their self-titled debut the band caused a sensation, before they finally achieved their breakthrough with the 2002 album „Alive or Just Breathing“. Today, Killswitch Engage are the driving force of the modern heavy metal scene in the U.S. and are officially considered the founders of metalcore.The CD „The End of Heartache“, released in 2004, reached number 21 on the Billboard charts. A little later they even received a Grammy nomination – it was the first of three nominations so far in the category „Best Metal Performance“.

At the beginning of work on their sixth album „Disarm the Descent“ (2013), a drastic change occurred: Howard Jones, frontman of the band since 2002, announced his departure for health reasons. After testing numerous new shouters, the members recalled Jesse Leach, who had presided over them for the first three years of their career.

2016 saw the release of their seventh album „Incarnate“, their most successful work worldwide, which for the first time cracked the top ten of the album charts not only in their home country, but also in Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries. Since then, „Atonement“ (2019), another successful studio album, followed last year with „Live at the Palladium“, her first live album, on which you can hear both her debut, released in 2000, and „Atonement“ in full length.

With the re-entry of Leach, the band returned to their musical roots, which was also proven by their last album so far, „Atonement“: It turned out so oppressive, powerful and mighty, as if a young, fresh band was at work here, which had to get rid of all its anger. A duet of the two front shouters Jesse Leach and Howard Jones in the song „The Signal Fire“ proved on top of that how close the family ties between the current and former front men still are.

After an acclaimed U.S. tour together with Lamb of God last fall, Killswitch Engage began recording the next album; in February, Jesse Leach posted on Instagram that pre-production had been completed and that they were now „in medias res.“ When exactly the album will be released, however, he left open. At their concerts it shows what Killswitch Engage in addition to their mixture of brute pressure, compositional density and rousing melodies also distinguishes: An enormous grounding as well as great closeness to their fans.

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