AROGYA – SuperNatural – Release: 19.05.23

AROGYA release the Video „Queen of the Damned (feat. Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost)“ from their new album „SuperNatural“.

Featuring CHRIS HARMS from LORD OF THE LOST, Synth-Rock act AROGYA drop “Queen of the Damned”, a unique musical piece blending heavy metal, pop & dark synth through OUT OF LINE. 

The haunting, ethereal sound of “Queen of the Damned” is mixed with catchy synth & pop elements and catches fans of HIM, The Birthday Massacre & Motionless in White.

Watch „Queen of the Damned feat. Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost) (Official Music Video)“

Inspired by the book Queen of the Damned & movie of the same title, this song is about the dark vampire queen tempting the innocent & enslaving willing souls. Drawing from the symbolism of a timeless tale, it shows the intensity and captivating power of temptation that will draw one into the world of darkness and the eternal longings for love and the curse of loneliness. The vampire queen represents pure seduction, the allure of beauty, wrapped in sin and darkness, the ultimate power of making a person surrender to one’s own dark impulses. Featuring the magnetic voice of Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost fame, the captivating lyrics and melody will draw in listeners like moths to a flame. Queen of the Damned is a unique musical piece with blend of heavy metal, pop and dark synth to create a haunting and ethereal sound that complements the dark themes of seduction, loneliness and forbidden love that are explored in the lyrics. The use of minor chord progressions further enhances the emotional impact of the music. The heavy guitars and driving drums create a sense of intensity and energy, while the synth and pop elements provide a more accessible and catchy sound. The song aims to evoke strong emotions and gives a sensory experience that appeals to a broad range of musical tastes.

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